Tokuyama Dental

Revolutionised Composite and Bonding Technology turning the world of adhesive Dentistry upside down. Innovating tomorrow's dentistry, today!

Tokuyama develop highly advanced technologies to enhance peoples' lives! They operate in harmony with society and social responsibility, achieving sustained growth through earning the support and respect of their clients.

Tokuyama have created a method of growing tiny spherical “pearls” that bring major benefits to filler technology improving aesthetics, handling and strength. These pearls create a chameleon effect to enhance aesthetics, handling, working time but with a short cure time. It incorporates the new, patented RAP catalyst technology™. RAP technology polymerises composites in just one third of the time other composites take to cure, without reducing working time. With conventional composites, faster polymerisation is at the expense of working time. With Tokuyama composites, users are relaxed and at ease knowing there is time to design and sculpt and that it takes just 10 seconds to cure!

The Estelite family have therefore acquired a reputation for outstanding aesthetics, gloss and handling.
Estelite Sigma Quick continues to be awarded best universal composite - Dental Advisor judges highlighting:

  • Chameleon Effect: Flawlessly blends with tooth structure.
  • Quick: Using only one shade (A3) to replace 8 shades.
  • RAP Technology: Due to patented technology, the working time is extended, yet curing time is only 10 seconds.

Over 100 years of experience and innovation

The parent company of TOKUYAMA DENTAL, TOKUYAMA CORPORATION, now looks back on over 100 years of successful history as a diversified international chemical group. Over the years the product portfolio has been expanded continuously and it now contains a wide range of special purpose chemical products, including product solutions for the dental market.

TOKUYAMA began developing and manufacturing dental materials over 40 years ago. Their philosophy of developing innovative dental solutions aims to make an ongoing and sustainable contribution towards offering top-quality dental products and state-of-the-art solutions for dentistry. Their innovative technological developments contribute to continuous enhancement of the dental market.

In 2021. DENTAL ADVISOR, the internationally recognised organisation, honoured TOKUYAMA DENTAL for the best universal composite material for ESTELITE SIGMA QUICK which has won this prize 12 years in a row (2010-2021). In the year 2020 there were also awarded the innovative composite for OMNICHROMA, the adhesive system UNIVERSAL BOND as well as for the soft relining material SOFRELINER TOUGH S.