Tokuyama Estelite Bulk Fill Flow Composite


Product description

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow is a low viscosity, light-cured, radiopaque dental composite resin. This low stress flowable material can be placed 4mm increments.

  • Fast Curing: One 4mm layer cures in just 10 seconds.
  • High Aesthetics: Blends easily with the dentition & gives a lasting glossy surface.
  • Reliable: Low shrinkage stress & high wear resistance.
  • Shades: Universal, A1, A2, A3 & B1.
  • Format: PLTs / Capsules.

Ref Description Options
TK0291 PLT A1 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0292 PLT A2 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0293 PLT A3 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0290 PLT B1 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0289 PLT U 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0286 Syringe A1 3g Each
TK0287 Syringe A2 3g Each
TK0288 Syringe A3 3g Each
TK0285 Syringe B1 3g Each
TK0284 Syringe U 3g Each
TK0294 Tips Pack of 50

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