Tokuyama Bond Force II


Product description

“One bottle” single component bonding agent that goes beyond the VII generation. Self-etching and light-curing, with the new patented SR (self-reinforcing) monomer, Tokuyama Dental Bond Force II creates 3dimensional (3D) branched links to the tooth generating an extremely strong and durable adhesion to enamel and dentin.
The 2.8 pH is ideal to reduce MMP activation and prevent collagen fibres degradation. Thanks to its new formulation, it does not require refrigeration and moreover it reduces by 15 seconds application operational times on the chair. Clinical safety confirmed over the years, ergonomics and convenience make it a reliable and versatile system.


Ref Description Options
TK0259 Pen Intro Kit 2ml Each
TK0261 Pen Twin Pack 2ml Each
TK0260 Bottle 5ml Each

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