3Dalign Clear Aligners For Teeth Straightening

3Dalign clear aligners are quicker and more patient-friendly than all other systems!

3Dalign straighten teeth invisibly without the need for metal braces and include treatment plans with personalised patient videos to enable clinicians to demonstrate the stages involved and the final outcome for every patient.

  • Almost invisible
  • Treatment can take as little as 10 weeks
  • Much simpler, quicker and more patient-friendly than other similar systems
  • Fabricated in the UK using the most advanced materials
  • Sculpted to the patient’s teeth - less irritation of the gums and mouth
  • No screws or wires
  • Can be removed for eating, drinking and cleaning - the patient’s oral hygiene is not compromised
  • No specialist Orthodontic Training is required
  • VAT exempt


Simple Protocol

  • Simply submit the patient’s photos and x-rays, use a scanner or take impressions (we suggest Estesil impression material) to capture the current situation and provide a prescription specifying the desired final outcome.
  • Then 3Dalign provide you with a Treatment Plan including an animated video to show the patient the various stages of treatment and the final result.
  • 3Dalign clear aligners are supplied in a progressive set of five enabling you to monitor progress and modify the Treatment Plan quickly and easily if desired. Much more patient-friendly and preventing unnecessary waste of time and aligners if the case needs to be modified.

The average Treatment Plan requires just 10 to 20 aligners, some simple cases as few as five, making it much simpler, quicker and more patient-friendly than other similar systems.

Quick and direct access to the technicians making your aligners. No inconvenient and frustrating computer interface to negotiate. Reduced risk of relapse.

Delivery typically within 5 working days of order confirmation.

Can be used to resolve crowded teeth, space closure between teeth, crossbite, overbite and underbite. Custom-made 3Daligners are comfortable to wear and designed to enable the patient’s everyday life to carry on without anyone even noticing they are straightening their teeth!

Retainer options - 3Dretain are custom made heavy-duty retainers that hold the patient’s teeth in their final position. 3Dalign keep this information on file so that the patient can re-order a retainer easily without needing a new impression or visit the dentist.


Choice of treatment options to suit individual patient requirements:

3Dalign Package Pricing

For technical information or to place an order, contact 3Dalign - telephone: 0114 2721392 or email: info@3dalign.co.uk

To attend a 3Dalign course, please go to our Dental Events page to find a course near you or call our Events & Courses Coordinator on 01274 88 55 40.