WaveOne GOLD Files


Product description

With WaveOne GOLD, the majority of cases (about 80%) can be treated with one single file to perform the shaping of the canal. Both the extended size range (Small, Primary, Medium, Large) as well as the GOLD technology enable a wider range of canal morphologies to be treated.

Ref Description Options
UW1GA21 Assorted 21mm Pack of 4
UW1GA25 Assorted 25mm Pack of 4
UW1GA31 Assorted 31mm Pack of 4
UW1GP21 Primary 21mm Pack of 3
UW1GP25 Primary 25mm Pack of 3
UW1GP31 Primary 31mm Pack of 3
UW1GS21 Small 21mm Pack of 3
UW1GS25 Small 25mm Pack of 3
UW1GS31 Small 31mm Pack of 3
UW1GM21 Medium 21mm Pack of 3
UW1GM25 Medium 25mm Pack of 3
UW1GM31 Medium 31mm Pack of 3
UW1GL21 Large 21mm Pack of 3
UW1GL25 Large 25mm Pack of 3
UW1GL31 Large 31mm Pack of 3

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