EVE Diastrips


Product description

Diastrips (Porcelain, Composite, Metal, Enamel)

  • For manual surface processing.
  • interdental application.
  • Perforation removes the cut material.

Kits Contain: 3x of each grit (fine,medium and coarse) in the selected size of 2.5 or 4mm)

Ref Description Options
UEDS25K PDL-2.5 KIT 2.5mm Each
UEDS04K PDL-4 KIT 4mm Each
UEDS102 Fine - PDL-10/2.5 (2.5x150mm) Pack of 9
UEDS104 Fine - PDL-10/4 (4 x 150mm) Pack of 9
UEDS352 Medium - 35/2.5 (2.5x150mm) Pack of 9
UEDS354 Medium - PDL-35/4 Pk9 (4 x 150mm) Pack of 9
UEDS452 Coarse - PDL-45/2.5 (2.5x150mm) Pack of 9
UEDS454 Coarse - PDL-45/4 (4 x 150mm) Pack of 9

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