GC G-aenial Universal Flo


Product description

G-ænial Universal Flo is a flowable, light-cured, radiopaque restorative designed to provide a true Universal restorative material that can be used for a variety of indications while offering excellent viscosity and perfect direct syringe application.


Ref Description Options
UGAU0A1 Syringe A1 3.4g Each
UGAU0A2 Syringe A2 3.4g Each
UGAU0A3 Syringe A3 3.4g Each
UGAUA35 Syringe A3.5 3.4g Each
UGAU0A4 Syringe A4 3.4g Each
UGAU0AE Syringe AE 3.4g Each
UGAUAO2 Syringe AO2 3.4g Each
UGAU0B1 Syringe B1 3.4g Each
UGAU0B3 Syringe B3 3.4g Each
UGAU0BW Syringe BW 3.4g Each
UGAU0JE Syringe JE 3.4g Each
UGCT111 Dispensing Tip Pack of 30

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