GC EverStick Splints


Product description

Glass fibre reinforcement. The use of everStickC&B fibre reinforcement offers a unique treatment method for replacing missing teeth. With everStick C&B, you can prepare composite bridges reinforced with fibres in one single visit using a minimally invasive technique. This evidence-based fibre reinforcementtechnology provides you with a metal-free, cost-effective treatment method to complement your prosthodontic treatment choice. EverStick®COMBI Package Contains: One (8 cm) everStick®C&B, 1 (8 cm) everStick®PERIO, 2 (30 cm) everStick®NET, 5 everStick®POST 1.2, 1 Stick®STEPPER hand instrument and 1 Stick®REFIX silicone instrument.


Ref Description Options
UEVSC00 Combi Package Each
UEVSINT Intro Kit Each
UEVSSTR Starter Kit Each
UEVSCB8 C+B 8cm Each
UEVSCBR C+B 12cm Pack of 2
UESPE08 Perio 8cm Each
UESPO12 Post 1.2 Pack of 10
TD0887 Perio 12cm Pack of 2
UEVSN30 Net 30cm Each

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