OsteoBiol® Apatos Mix


Product description

Apatos is a biomaterial of heterologous origin with characteristics similar to mineralized human bone; it can therefore be used as alternative to autologous bone. Apatos Mix - mixture of cortical and cancellous porcine or equine bone. The natural microporous consistency of Apatos facilitates the formation of new bone tissue in bone defect area, accelerating the process.


Ref Description Options
UAPMP50 0.5g Porcine Each
UAPME50 0.5g Equine Each
UAPME10 1.0g Equine Each
UAPMP10 1.0g Porcine Each
UAPME01 1000-2000 1.0g Equine Each
UAPMP01 1000-2000 1.0g Porcine Each
UAPME20 2.0g Equine Each
UAPMP20 2.0g Porcine Each

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